Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Faculty of Economics, Department of Foreign Languages

8th International
Research Conference

Topical Issues of Linguistics and Teaching Methods in Business and Professional Communication

Dear Colleagues

April 19-20, 2018

The Organising Committee invites all interested specialists to the 8th International Research Conference 'Topical Issues of Linguistics and Teaching Methods in Business and Professional Communication'. The conference will be hosted by Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) in Moscow on April 19-20, 2018.

Conference Objective

Communication and discussion

The main objective of the Conference is to provide a forum for researchers, teachers and professionals to exchange ideas, communicate and discuss research findings and trends in linguistics, specialised translation, LSP and professional communication. The Conference will give an opportunity to both academics and practitioners to discuss relevant theoretical and practical challenges.

Conference Agenda
Key topics and plenary sessions

Conference Agenda includes 2 plenary sessions and 6 sections:

Topical issues of teaching foreign languages for business communication
Modern tendencies of professionally oriented foreign language teaching
Integration of IT and e-coursebooks in the process of foreign language teaching in non-linguistic higher educational institutions
Specialised translation teaching strategies
Intercultural business communication
Important issues of modern applied linguistics: Germanic languages (English, German), Romance languages (French, Spanish, Italian), Oriental languages (Chinese)


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